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• 11/20/2016

get it back

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• 3/18/2015
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• 12/2/2014

Farewell TDS

As you most likely already know, Tiny Death Star was removed from the App Store. Likely, this means no more updates.
I'm proud of how this wiki has grown. I remember when it was just four of us contributing. Now, I'm extemely proud of the code and work people have done. 
Farewell Tiny Death Star and may your legacy live on!
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• 10/14/2014

Bye Tiny Death Star?

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• 9/19/2014

galactic registery series 1

Must I be connected to the internet to get them?
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• 8/27/2014

Salvage Droids page

Could someone help me understand why the Salvage Droids page is set up the way it is please.
The issues I see are:

It's a Category page, but has data on it. Shouldn't it be on its own page?
The Salvage Droids page redirects to this Category page.
The Salvage page, which was for the original Crafting Missions, redirects to this Category page. That Crafting item has nothing to do with this Salvage Droid item/page/info. It should have it's own page, just like all the other Crafting items.
The Salvage page, which is just a redirect, is the only page which is in this category. As per the above point, it has nothing to do with this "category".
I'm proposing that:

The Salvage page have the redirect removed and have its original Crafting Mission information put on it.
Move the Salvage Droids info to its own Salvage Droids or Salvage Missions page.
Delete the Salvage Droids category.
I'm still a bit of a novice at this wiki stuff, so if there's a logical explanation of why we have it as it is, then I'll be happy with that.
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• 8/15/2014

How Many Levels Could Have To Be Built To Unlock The Talz In Tiny Death Star

I Wonder How Many Levels Might Have To Be Built To Unlock The Wookiee, The Kaminoan, The Ithorian, And The Talz In Tiny Death Star I Have Been Waiting So Long None Of Them Showed Up Yet Or Haven'T Seen Any Of Those Species Does Anyone Have The Wookiee, The Kaminoan, The Ithorian, Or The Talz Without Unlocking Them With Imperial Bux. However I Saw Talz On Safari With Only One Appearance (With White Thick Fur And A Black Face) I Wonder If They Only Appear Like That In Tiny Death Star
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• 7/21/2014

Residential levels which look the same

I've been playing Tiny Death Star for about a month, and am finding it probably the most uncannily addictive mobile game I've played. I'm having a bit of an issue with it lately though, and was wondering if any of you guys could help out. 
Recently, I have built a few (now three) residential levels which look identical; kind of grey and dull. I have checked the images for these levels on this wiki, and they are not supposed to look like this. When viewing them through "Menu">"Levels", there is no image of the level, it is just blue and blank. 
I have tried emailing the Disney support address given in the "help" screen of the game, but they haven't bothered responding thus far. I have also tried reinstalling the game and resuming from my facebook save data, but the issue persists. 
Please see the below screen caps of Geonosis apts. I now have three levels like this; all residential and all from within the past 10 days. Anybody have any idea what could be causing this, and what to do about it?. My phone is a Samsung android, if this makes any difference.
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• 7/1/2014

Are any game updates forthcoming?

Does anyone know if Disney is still supporting this game?  Are there any game updates / enhancements on the way or are we limited to the current version?  Just wondering if anyone has any inside information...
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• 6/10/2014

Scenes table redesign

As it currently stands, the Scenes table is not narrow-screen-friendly. It also lacks bitizen names in text, so you can't use your browser's Find function to find which levels a bitizen unlocks. I've made some modifications to the current table as a start to rectifying these issues. I don't have experience with page design, so please comment/add anything to improve it.
You can find the testing page here: Test - Scenes
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• 5/17/2014

Ban the user above you Part 1

This is a thing a lot of Wikis do on Wikia, I'm just going to copy and paste the rules below : 

Credit for this idea goes to NiveliKing. Who credits other people. Crediception!
I saw this very fun thread on the IB wiki and wanted to start it here. I'll make an example.

You can only ban the user above you.
You must give a good reason to ban.
You cannot ban a user for making a statement in a comment not directly above your comment.
Your comment must not necessarily be a ban, but should be relevant to the banning.
Do not swear or spam the word "ban".
You cannot ban yourself. (Except for the first ban, in which I ban myself :) )
Happy Banning
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• 5/14/2014

residents species

are all species avaiblable for recruiting? as in, i can make them live in my apartments, I unlocked everything through the store but only 5-7 species are available as residents
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• 5/14/2014

Mon Calamari Scene

So this is the last scene I have left to get.  I understand Ackbar won't unlock it, it has to be a Mon Calamari.  Unfortunetly I've already unlocked the Mon Calarmari so I can't do the trick where you spend a bux and get him in the elevator.    It's really down to luck if you can get a Mon Calarmi to land on the Mon Calamari Aquarium (also tried moving floors, it doesn't work).  FINALLY, last night I randomly had a Mon Calamari land on my Mon Calamari Aquarium floor!  And guess what, it didn't unlock the scene...  What's the deal?  Does it have to be a certain color of Mon Calamari?  Has anyone else unlocked this scene recently (March to May 2014 time frame)?
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• 4/15/2014

Best escaped rebel spy scene...

What's your favorite?  Mine by far is the scene where Chewbacca escapes by yanking on the two ropes binding both his arms and slamming the two stormtroopers that were holding those ropes together... followed by Chewy's awesome roar!
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• 4/15/2014

Galactic Registry: Series 1 bitizens

Is it just me, or is "winning" these bitizens through Salvage Droids the worst "addition" to Tiny Death Star?  I've burned through 100's of bux playing the Salvage Droids slot machine and all that I have to show for it is "winning" the Endor Adventure level (and that was on my last 25 bux).  I've only received one of these bitizens, ironically, by playing the "Free" option in the "Chance for rare".
Has anyone any idea what the odds are for "Chance for rare", "Good chance for rare" and "Best chance for rare"?  I think I burned through at least 250 bux on the "Best chance for rare" before winning the Endor Adventure level... at 25 bux a pop, that translates into about a 10% chance of winning anything meaningful... I think I've burned through in total at least 100 bux in the "Chance for rare" and have received nothing interesting...
Maybe it's Lucas throwing down his final ultimatum: if you've gotten this far in Tiny Death Star, the only way forward is to fork over real money to buy enough bux, and if the "Force is With You", perhaps... just maybe you'll get one of these bitizens...
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• 4/7/2014

Imperial Assignments

Anyone seen any new Imperial Assignments after the last Decoration Event ended?  I'm still seeing bupkus.
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• 3/31/2014

Levels Page Redesign

I have been working on a series of templates that would dramatically make things easier.  Here are the features:

Level information is automatically populated; no user intervention needed
Colors will adapt dynamically based on the type of level (this still needs to manually defined)
Pictures are automatically populated, provided they are already uploaded and follow a strict naming scheme
Productivity and discounted stocking times are automatically calculated - no need to fill up tables now!
Decorations are overlaid on the level image, without any need to upload any additional pictures
Page is automatically added to the correct categories
Take a look at the Galaxies Opera page, and tell me what you think!
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• 3/29/2014


Hi, just wondering if anyone knows for sure if TDS is (or isn't) a game where data will be lost if it's uninstalled and reinstalled on the same device. I haven't been able to launch the game in over a couple weeks again (last time it lasted about six weeks) and I know this works for some games, but I don't really want to lose my progress.
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• 3/27/2014

Decoration Events pages

With the new decoration event ("Propaganda") you cut and pasted the contents of the old decoration event ("Christmas 2013") to a new page, as the Comments from Christmas 2013 are still on the Propaganda page. Also, it's likely that more decoration events will occur. I propose that a page restructure occur:
1. Make a new parent "Decoration Events" page. This will have a brief explanation of what decoration events are, and list each of the decoration events.
2. Move the contents of Christmas 2013 back to the original page, so as to marry up the user comments with that event. Call this page "Decoration Event 1: Christmas 2013".
3. Move the contents of Propaganda to a new page. Call this page "Decoration Event 2: Imperial Propaganda".
What do you think?
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• 3/26/2014

Standardizing the Picture Sizes

I would like to propose a standard size for all level pictures, and that this be reflected in the existing layout.
The source files are set at 128x48 for all levels, and max 16x16 for level activity icons.  I propose that this wiki uses a 3x3 magnification, so that all levels are set at 384x144, and the maximum size for activity icons are 48x48.
Furthermore, the activity icons are transparent PNGs without any background; most of the wiki's activity icons use the gray square background that appears when the floor is being stocked.  I propose that the gray squares be eliminated entirely -- if need be, the cell background can be set to a darker color.
What do you guys think?
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