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• 3/25/2014

Worker VIP's?

I have not seen ANY Worker VIP's come up in my arrival queue in, well, weeks.  I have 78 levels so it now takes well over 24hrs between levels, so I could sure use some time help!  Anyone else notice this happening to them?
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• 3/23/2014

How do supply officers work?

I have a different type of Supply Officer VIP than what's listed in wiki
The picture is different - head is turned towards the camera, has a brown beard, and he carries a box with buttons or controls on the front. No clipboard.
He also never seems to finish a project anymore. I have 13 Recon Droid units and 10 Security Systems. When I first was creating these I would get a reward every 3 or so completed. Now they just stack up. Mamabear47 (talk) 08:17, March 23, 2014 (UTC)
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• 3/21/2014

Do you want me to upload everything I have?

Well, the things that are labeled anyway. I don't have names for a LOT of the level items, since in the game files, the devs never changed it from Tiny Tower.
Adjunct question -- do you want me to include stuff that isn't officially available yet, such as the Javva Hutt food level?
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• 3/19/2014

New Stock Upgrades description

Hi Mhommer,
I saw you undid @Zergrinch's new Stock Upgrades description text:

Every upgrade in the level's rank increases output by 10% of the base amount. In addition, matching a bitizen with their dream job doubles total output, after the upgrade bonus is applied. The table below shows output levels for the first six upgrades, but not a dream job match. There is no limit to how much a level can be upgraded.
I was just about to comment (but was wondering where best to post) that I like it because it explains how the upgrade works much more fluently. With the original one, the wording is quite stilted; I had to look at the table and think about it a bit before I could understand its meaning, but still wasn't sure about how the dream job applied to it.
Please consider making it the standard description for the wiki. It won't take much effort for us to share around replacing the text everywhere.
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• 3/6/2014

Level 9 Retail

Has anyone seen a level 9 Retail employee? I fill all of my apartments with level 9 dream jobs. All of my retail business only has level 8 dream jobs. Does anyone know why this is? Even Tiny Tower had level 9 dream jobs for every category
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• 2/27/2014

Scoop of Hoth

I've received a "?" Snow Trooper and I sent it in the Scoop of Hoth: it do not unlocked the Scene. Why? I must buy it?
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• 2/26/2014

Devaronian unlock

There's a footnote for the Devaronian, "While it may be coincidence, this species unlocked for me when the Holonet comments count read '666' ". I think that is only a coincidence because I had just over 1000 unread comments and I still don't have the Bitizen.
Is there anyone who has experienced unlock at 666 comments? Or is there any objection to removing the footnote?
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• 2/17/2014

Favorite Level Type?

Let's get some discussion going! What's your favorite Level Type?
My personal favorite is retail :P. I just like how Bitizen's can go out and... buy stuff...
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• 2/15/2014

Imperial Marches scene

Just unlocked the Imperial Marches scene... Pretty funny.  Unlocked with limited edition droid: R4-19.  From the video, I bet any of the limited edition droids: R2-Q5, R4-19 or R5-J2 should work.  Scene starts off with these 3 droids rolling in accompanied by two stormtroopers.  The droids beam out lights like disco balls, some "light rain" pours down and the troopers start dancing to music.  Then Darth Vader barges into the scene swinging his light saber, the music abruptly cuts off, and the droids and troopers scurry away.
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• 2/14/2014

Report a bug

I find a bug when it is request: 14 Recon Droids, 12 Power Couplings and 6 Comlinks. I cannot take the credits and the game crashes.
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• 2/12/2014

Buying bux - release

Anybody else encountered problems with buying bux for the new release ? I tried so yesterday eveneing, but the transfer war interrupted :-(
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• 2/9/2014


What is the highest upgrade you can get?
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• 2/8/2014

Droid Store: Jawa?

It is false that Jawa unlock the scene of Droid Store!!! I sent it there a lot of times, and it has'nt unlocked it!!!
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• 1/16/2014

Bespin Leia?

I noticed that the ones that unlock scenes have a movie clapper next to their picture under bitizens. So which scene does Bespin Leia unlock? And the Emperor? Thats confusing. :/
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• 1/9/2014

An Ithorian unlocks the Ithorian Foods Scene

If buy the Ithorian bitizen in the store (costs severl bux in the store). But i noticed hes not showing up in the album as unlocked. Hes under the Cantina Crew. Just thought id mention it, and someone more skilled could add him to the scenes page.
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• 1/6/2014

Panna City Medicines Bitizens Dream Job

Are there any Bitizens that will have this place as their dream job? I havent seen any. I've Levles built after this one get Dream Jobs, but not this one.
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• 1/1/2014


There is a placeholder on the main page,but there is no image there. What will you do?
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• 12/22/2013

Does anyone know if their is a max rank for a level before it cant be upgraded anymore?

Does anyone know if their is a max rank for a level before it cant be upgraded anymore?
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• 12/14/2013

Missing Information

IG88 works in the Holochess Hall
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• 12/9/2013

Level Pages

I just wanted to thank Mhommer for updating the format of the Level pages to include all the stock information.  I've been working on collecting that data for a week or so but I couldn't decide on a good format.  That's much better than I would have done so thank you!
On a different note, the Bux costs of the levels are completely different in my game.  I am playing on Windows 8, so that might be the difference, but for me all the levels cost the same.  The price of purchasing a level without Credits goes up after each level I puchase; I think it is almost 300 Bux now. The price of chosing a level after I've bought one with Credits is always just 1 Bux.  Does anyone else see something similar?
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