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• 8/27/2014

Salvage Droids page

Could someone help me understand why the Salvage Droids page is set up the way it is please.

The issues I see are:

  • It's a Category page, but has data on it. Shouldn't it be on its own page?
  • The Salvage Droids page redirects to this Category page.
  • The Salvage page, which was for the original Crafting Missions, redirects to this Category page. That Crafting item has nothing to do with this Salvage Droid item/page/info. It should have it's own page, just like all the other Crafting items.
  • The Salvage page, which is just a redirect, is the only page which is in this category. As per the above point, it has nothing to do with this "category".

I'm proposing that:

  • The Salvage page have the redirect removed and have its original Crafting Mission information put on it.
  • Move the Salvage Droids info to its own Salvage Droids or Salvage Missions page.
  • Delete the Salvage Droids category.

I'm still a bit of a novice at this wiki stuff, so if there's a logical explanation of why we have it as it is, then I'll be happy with that.


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• 8/27/2014
I certainly don't see a reason for it to be set up as it is. Personally I have no problems with doing exactly as you have stated.
• 8/27/2014
Thanks Spottra.
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