Bux, or more formally Imperial Bux Bux, are the "premium" currency available in Tiny Death Star.

Ways to Earn Bux

Ways to Earn BuxEdit

  • Earn bux on your bitizen's birthdays
  • Earn bux by adding new floors to your Death Star
  • Chance to earn bux by fully stocking commercial floors
  • Constructing a new level
  • Fully stocking a Commercial floor
  • Catching a Rebel spy:
    • Catching a unique character (shows a scene) earns 2 Bux Bux, but if the unique character escapes, you earn 1 Bux Bux.
    • Locating a generic spy earns 1 Bux Bux.
  • Locating a Bitizen
  • Logging in on one of your Bitizens' birthdays.
  • Assigning a Bitizen to their "Dream Job".
  • Purchasing with real money.

Ways to Use Bux

Ways to Use BuxEdit

  • Instantly completing construction of a level (1 Bux per 30 minutes remaining)
  • Instantly stocking a commercial level (1 Bux per 30 minutes remaining)
  • Instantly selling all of one particular stock on a commercial level (1 Bux per 1000 items)
  • Instantly summoning a random VIP
  • Instantly completing a Crafting task
  • Exchanging for Imperial Credits Credit
  • Moving a Bitizen instantly into an empty slot on a residential level (2 Bux per Bitizen)
  • Choosing a specific level after it has been bought with credits 
  • Instantly adding a specific level not purchased with credits (much more expensive)
  • Skipping a Crafting Mission or Mission task
  • Upgrading the elevator
  • Buying a Specific Bitizen

Get Bux

Get BuxEdit

Purchase Bux, using real money, from the game's Imperial Bux Store.

Imperial Bux Store
Number of Bux Cost (US $)
Free Bux Earn (Complete surveys and participate in offers)
50 BUX Bux+ 4500 BONUS CREDITS Credit $4.99
2000 BUX Bux $99.99
900 BUX Bux $49.99
325 BUX Bux $19.99
150 BUX Bux $9.99
65 BUX Bux $4.99
25 BUX Bux $1.99