Image Character Description
Album Aqualish
Aqualish[1] Resembling a cross between a spider and a walrus, the Aqualish enjoy combat more than most species. Luke's aggressive, formerly right-handed assailant in the Mos Eisley cantina was an Aqualish.
Album Arcona
Arcona[2] Seen in every spaceport in the galaxy (including Mos Eisley), the anvil-headed Arcona are avid explorers with strong family ties; this often led to whole families venturing forth from their homeworld together.
Album Bith
Bith The ancient and peaceful bulb-headed Bith are known for their intellect and dexterity, leading them to take up such professions as engineer, criminal mastermind, and musician. The Mos Eisley Cantina band Figrin D'an and the Modal Nodes are Bith.
Album Chadra-Fan
Chadra-Fan[3] Small and batlike in appearance, the Chadra-Fan have highly developed senses. Coming from a watery world, Chadra-Fan fear drowning so much that they sleep in trees and actually enjoy living on Tatooine.
Album Cornelius Evazan
Cornelius Evazan Deep in his heart, Cornelius Evazan believes he is a world-class surgeon in the illustrious pursuit of immortality. His few surviving patients, however, consider him a psychopath deserving of the name Doctor Death.
Album Devaronian
Devaronian[4] One of the first species to develop hyperdrive, the wandering Devaronians are devilish-looking fellows, one of whom can be seen in the Mos Eisley Cantina.
Album Duros
Duros[5] Traveling in space long before humans, the Duros' blue-green, lipless, noseless faces (and their well-built starships) can be seen in every corner of the galaxy.
Album Ithorian
Ithorian Often considered pacifists and nature boys, the "Hammerheads" (a term they find offensive) actually make great priests, traders, and healers. Their twin mouths allow them to produce a sonic bellow that is feared by most intellgent species.
Album Kubaz
Kubaz Descended from insectivores, the Kubaz are easily recognizable by their long snouts and their propensity for trying to take a bite out of insectoid species like the Geonosians.
Album Rodian
Rodian[6] Green-skinned humanoids with an unsavory reputation, Rodians are typically seen working as guns for hire. Greedo, the bounty hunter who did not walk away from his encounter with Han Solo, was a Rodian.
Album Snivvian
Snivvian[7] Snaggletooth grins and oversized snouts are the telltale features of Snivvians. They are well known throughout the galaxy as adept scouts and trackers.
Album Talz
Talz Talz live hidden in the frozen wastes of their harsh home planet, where thick fur and multiple sets of eyes help them survive. Rarely seen, the Talz can sometimes be found in the seedier spaceports of the galaxy.
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