Occasionally, a Rebel Alliance or Person icon will appear in the bottom left hand side of the screen. Selecting it will present a task you must complete to receive a reward. It involves finding a specific bitizen somewhere on the game board. Once the person is located, tap on the level they are on to complete the task.

Task Example Narrative Requirements Success Failure Reward
Catch the Spy
Icon Rebel Logo
A rebel spy has infiltrated the Death Star. Locate the rebel spy. You found the Rebel scum. A rebel hero has escaped our grasp! Security must be tightened. 2 Bux if successful,
1 Bux for failure.
Bitizen of Interest
Icon Rebel Logo
Our Imperial Agents are looking for a suspected Rebel ally. Will you help? Locate the Bitizen. Your cooperation is appreciated. Here is 1 Imperial Bux for your efforts. (Not applicable) 1 Bux if successful.
Find the Bitizen
Icon People
Some power converters need to be delivered to Visas Pelleon. Will you help find her? Locate the Bitizen. Thanks for helping to find Visas Pelleon! Here's 1 Imperial Bux for your trouble. (Not applicable) 1 Bux if successful.

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