VIP Celebrity

The Celebrity is a VIP in Tiny Death Star.

"Temporarily increases buying activity on a Commercial level"


Message Celebrity
Deliver the Celebrity to any Commercial Level with goods in stock and customers will temporarily increase for 2 minutes. Delivering them to Imperial, Residential, or commercial levels without stock, will not garner extra visitors. While the VIP is in effect, each visitor will consume each of the items in stock instead of just one. If all of the items are stocked, then each visitor will earn the player 6 Credits (1 + 2 + 3). If only the first two items are stocked, then each visitor will earn 3 Credits (1 + 2) and etc.

Tip: Be sure the level is fully stocked with at least 60 or so items in each category before using the Celebrity to maximize Credits earned. You don't want to run out of a item while the Celebrity is in effect.

Tip: If you're really interested in min-maxing your Celebrity usage, you should deliver it only to a level where you've got 3 9-skill workers in their Dream Job. This will allow you to "get the most out of it", because your restock times (when the supplies on that level run out, which they will do faster because of the Celebrity) will be at a minimum when the sooner restocking is necessary. However, if you're NOT playing constantly, it may make more sense to use the Celebrity to finish off a relatively low stock (somewhere in the 60-100 items left), so you can begin restocking it just as you stop playing the game for a while.

If a Celebrity is delivered to a Commercial level with no goods stocked, the Celebrity will reduce the completion time of any good currently in the process of being stocked by 1 minute.