Tab Decoration Event 2
The Imperial Propaganda Decoration Event was a limited time event in Tiny Death Star. The event was added as part of the Game Update on March 21, 2014. It concluded nine days later.

A new tab appeared on the top right hand side of the main game screen. It is a blue tab with the image of an Imperial Officer in it. Selecting the tab will bring you to the Reward screen shown below.

How to DecorateEdit

Icon Decorator Droid 2
Decorator Droids will periodically appear, as indicated by a red banner icon in the lower left corner of the screen. Selecting the icon will give you the option to use the droid or save it in your Arrivals level, assuming you have a spare slot there.

Decorator Droids may also be purchased for 5 Bux from the event tab, assuming you have a spare slot on your Arrivals level. Select the droid, in the same way as you would select a saved VIP, and it will be placed on the elevator.

Once on the elevator you can deliver it to whichever floor you like. You can truly decorate any floor; residential, commercial and even Imperial.

Once you stop at a floor you will be asked for confirmation to deliver the droid. The droid will then 'decorate' the level by hanging three red Imperial banners. As you decorate more floors, you become eligible for more rewards.

You can view some of the decorated floors here.


Tab Decoration Event 2 Reward
Progress toward Decoration Event Rewards can be made by decorating any floor in your Death Star. Deliver a Decorator Droid to a floor to decorate that floor. Once you have decorated enough floors to reach a reward level the event tab's background color will cycle between blue and magenta, and the Imperial Officer will start displaying alarmed facial expressions. Tapping on the tab will take you to the Reward screen, where you can collect the reward.
Levels Decorated Reward
10 Costumes
30 Grand Moff Tarkin
60 Overbridge

Reward: 10 Levels Decorated Edit

The reward for decorating 10 levels is costumes.

Decoration Event 2 0 to 10 Decoration Event 2 0 to 10 Complete

Reward: 30 Levels Decorated Edit

The reward for decorating 30 levels is Grand Moff Tarkin.

Decoration Event 2 11 to 30 Decoration Event 2 11 to 30 Complete

Decoration Event 2 Grand Moff Tarkin

Reward: 60 Levels Decorated Edit

The reward for decorating 60 levels is the Overbridge Imperial level. When you collect the reward it is delivered to the Cargo Bay in a cargo container. Tapping on the container will immediately build the Overbridge level.

Decoration Event 2 31 to 60 Decoration Event 2 31 to 60 Completed

Message Overbridge Complete

Reward: 61+ Levels Decorated Edit

After obtaining the Overbridge, Decorator Droids will still appear and may still be purchased from the task tab. No additional rewards are offered for any further levels decorated.

Decoration Event 2 Complete


The event started March 21, 2014 and ran for 9 days.

Imperial Propaganda decoration eventImperial Propaganda decoration event 2Imperial Propaganda decoration event 4Imperial Propaganda decoration event 3


  • The Decorator Droid is R2-Q5.

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