Image Character Description
Album Gamorean
Gamorrean The piglike Gamorreans are best known as Jabba's palace guards (and occasional rancor-food). The species is known for its brutality and combat prowess, but not for its intellect.
Album Gran
Gran These three-eyed aliens are normally so social they have been known to die of loneliness. Isolated Gran are easily swayed toward criminal pursuits; Jabba the Hutt employed at least one on his ill-fated sail barge.
Album Lando Calrissian (Skiff)
Lando Calrissian (Skiff) Lando's outfit from his adventures on Tatooine. In it, he snuck into Jabba's palace, rescued Han, and escaped the Sarlacc.
Album Twi'lek
Twi'lek The colorful skin and prehensile head-tentacles ("lekku") of the Twi'leks give them a reputation for beauty as well as intelligence. They also make graceful dancers.
Album Weequay
Weequay Often found working as bodyguards and pirates, the Weequay come from a harsh desert environment. They communicate via pheromones, but are as capable of screaming (while falling into the Sarlacc pit, for example) as any other species.