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Crafting Missions are missions in which Imperial Items are needed to be assembled for a credit reward. Items you assemble are stored in your Inventory.

Imperial Advisor - Beginning Assignments

  • This battle station isn't going to become the ultimate power in the universe on its own!

Imperial Engineer -  Beginning Assignments

  • Superlaser upgrades are about to begin. Please provide us with the necessary resources.

Imperial Engineer -  Completed Assignments

  • Hmmm. The plans say these thermal exhausts should be the size of a mouse, but I'm thinking womp rat sized is better.

Imperial Tech - Beginning Assignments

  • We just need a few more resources and the hyperdrive should just work.

Imperial Worker - Completed Assignments

  • Give a bitizen a fish and he'll eat for a day. Teach him to fish and he'll sit around and drink beer all day.