Image Character Description
Album Bespin Leia
Bespin Leia Leia's outfit from her adventures on Bespin. In it, she met Lando, convinced him to break his deal with Darth Vader, and escaped an Imperial trap.
Album Endor Leia
Endor Leia Leia's outfit from her adventures on Endor. In it, she infiltrated an imperial base, befriended an Ewok tribe, and discovered she was a Skywalker.
Album Hoth Leia
Hoth Leia Leia's outfit from her adventures on Hoth. In it, she discovered a probe droid, created a snow speeder attack plan, and organized the evacuation of Echo Base.
Album Leia Organa Rebel
Leia Organa (Rebel) Princess Leia Organa grew up with politics as her plaything. By the time she reached adulthood, she was a member of the Imperial Senate and then became a leader in the Rebellion (for a while she was both!).
Album Slave Leia
Slave Leia Princess Leia was forced to wear this outfit after being captured by Jabba the Hutt. It didn’t stop her from using his own chains against him, escaping his barge, and rescuing Han.