Image Character Description
Album Chiss
Chiss Easily identified by their dark blue skin and glowing red eyes, the Chiss originate from outside the known galaxy and are rare and mysterious both in the Empire and Rebellion.
Album Gand
Gand Insectoid and hyper-polite, the Gand boast a special profession, the findsmen. Part bounty hunter, part mystic, a Gand findsman named Zuckuss was among those hired to hunt down Han Solo.
Album Geonosian
Geonosian An insectoid species, most Geonosians boast leathery wings that enable them to fly. The drone class rarely leaves their home planet, but the nobles and warriors can be found on many worlds.
Album Jawa
Jawa Scavengers of Tatooine, the Jawas roam the desert planet, scavenging droids, refurbishing and reselling them to the moisture farmers who lost them in the first place.
Album Kaminoan
Kaminoan Known for their superior skill at cloning, Kaminoans have tall, thin bodies and slow, graceful movements.
Album Skakoan
Skakoan In order to survive on almost any other planet in the galaxy aside from their homeworld, the Skakoans require special pressure suits. This means you don't see many Skakoans in the rest of the galaxy.
Album Toydarian
Toydarian Small, winged aliens who prefer fluttering to walking, Toydarians are the galaxy's consummate merchants. Some are unfairly seen as corrupt; others are fairly corrupt.
Album Trandoshan
Trandoshan Known for their strength as well as their violent tendencies, the reptilian Trandoshan Bossk is among the bounty hunter crew hired by Darth Vader. Their two favorite things are live worms (to eat) and Wookiee pelts (to wear).
Album Tusken Raider
Tusken Raider Primitive desert savages of Tatooine, the Tusken Raiders (also known as Sand People) fear nothing--though they might run for a moment from the sound of a krayt dragon.
Album Ugnaught
Ugnaught A small, piglike species with a checkered past of being put into bondage, fighting for freedom, and falling back into bondage. They helped build, and later tried to destroy, Cloud City on Bespin.
Album Zabrak
Zabrak Independent by nature, the many-horned Zabrak are best known for their facial tattoos and their martial prowess. Although one of their kind, Darth Maul, was counted amongth the Sith, the Zabrak now labor under harsh Imperial rule.