Image Character Description
Album Bothan
Bothan The Bothans manage to maintain their reputation as master spies, despite their distinctive dog, cat and horselike appearances, and despite the fact that many of them died to steal information about the Death Star. But steal it they did ...
Album Ewok
Ewok Furred natives of the forest moon of Endor, the Ewoks appear cute and somewhat dimwitted, but they are actually fierce warriors and skilled artisans. They are also light enough to hang-glide, even with primitive materials.
Album Gungan
Gungan Gungans are the native inhabitants of Naboo. With hardy lungs capable of holding air for long periods, the amphibious Gungans are as comfortable in water as they are on land.
Album Kel Dor
Kel Dor Possessed of extrasensory organs and high Force sensitivity, the Kel Dors require breathing masks and goggles to live on human worlds, which shows how important shopping on the Death Star must be!
Album Mon Calamari
Mon Calamari An aquatic species with fishlike skin and large eyes, the Mon Calamari are also known as the finest starship designers in the galaxy.
Album Sullustan
Sullustan The wide earlobes and large eyes of a Sullustan makes them easy to spot. It also makes them some of the best pilots and navigators in the galaxy.
Album Togruta
Togruta The distinctive-looking Togruta boast both horns and tails on their heads. Though the Togruta are known for their teamwork and group instincts, some of the most famous Togruta in history were instead known for their individualism and stubbornness.
Album Wookiee
Wookiee Shaggy giants from the forest world of Kashyyyk. Despite being known for tearing the arms off droids when losing a game of holochess, Wookiees are normally quite gentle and extremely intelligent.