Residential Levels are where the Bitizens of the Tiny Death Star live. In order for a Bitizen to work in the Death Star; he or she must already live on one of the Residential Levels. Up to 5 Bitizens may live on any one Residential Level.

List of Residential LevelsEdit

There are currently 55 residential levels available. The amount it costs to unlock a level with Imperial Bux is dependent upon the number of levels a player already has, and increases with each additional level.

Three levels, Csilla Apts, Endor Arms and Wookie Arms, are not available for construction, and must be found as a rare reward in the Salvage Droid missions.

There are 18 unreleased residential levels in the game files. Most of these hidden levels are unfinished, with pictures still from Tiny Tower. Names and pictures of unreleased levels are subject to change.