The Store allows you to purchase items to enhance game play. Most items are available for Imperial Bux Bux, and you can purchase additional Bux Bux for real money. Currently offered in the store is the following:

Item Description
Store Offers
Check out the latest offers! Different ways to get more Imperial Bux Bux (See the 'Get Bux' tab on the Bux page.)
Store Elevator
Purchase (with Imperial Bux Bux) elevator upgrades to speed up delivery and tips from bitizens. (More information on the Elevator page.)
Store Exchange
Convert your Imperial Bux Bux to Credits Icon 1Credit.
Store Bitizens
Purchase (with Imperial Bux Bux) Specific Bitizens to unlock scenes or just because you think they are cool.
Store Levels
Unlock a specific level (with Imperial Bux Bux of course) to build. (Refer to the Levels section of this Wiki.)
Store VIPs

Purchase a random VIP for 4-9 Bux.

For a limited time you can also purchase a Imperial Decorator Droid for 4 Bux.