Image Character Description
Album AT-AT Commander
AT-AT Commander The grey helmet and armor of the AT-AT Commander stands out in the cockpit of the Imperial walkers they control. They were instrumental in the Battle of Hoth, coordinating their efforts of their two pilots with deadly efficiency.
Album AT-AT Pilot
AT-AT Pilot Looking like something between a Stormtrooper and a TIE Pilot, the AT-AT pilot sits at the controls of the fearsome machine known as the Imperial walker.
Album Officer Black Uniform
(Black Uniform)
Highly educated, skilled, and natural leaders, Stormtrooper officers commanded the ranks of the Empire's notorious Stormtrooper Corps.
Album Imperial Helmsman
Imperial Helmsman Found at the controls of the fearsome Star Destroyer, the Imperial Helmsman operates one of the most powerful warships in the galaxy with consummate skill.
Album Imperial Tech
Imperial Tech Most often seen manning the many screens of Star Destroyers, Imperial Techs operate the technical stations of Imperial capital ships, military installations, and space stations.
Album Royal Gaurd
Royal Guard It may seem that the all-powerful Emperor wouldn't require a guard. But in their scarlet robes and fearsome masks, the hand-picked Guardsmen are employed as much to give a false sense of the Emperor's frailty as they are to actually protect him.
Album Sandtrooper
Sandtrooper Equipped for harsh desert environments, Sandtroopers are arid climate specialists. Just don't expect them to find the droids they are looking for.
Album Scout Trooper
Scout Trooper Often seen on speeder bikes, Scout Troopers are recon versions of Stormtroopers. They are skilled in mobile operations behind enemy lines and were heavily deployed in the Battle of Endor.
Album Shadowtrooper
Shadowtrooper The fearsome armor of the Shadow Stormtrooper is not only extremely tough, but contains cloaking mechanism allowing the troopers to become nearly invisible.
Album Snowtrooper
Snowtrooper Best identified by their long white breather mask, the Snowtrooper is a specialist Stormtrooper for arctic conditions. Snowtroopers were heavily used in the Battle of Hoth.
Album Stormtrooper
Stormtrooper Well known for their imposing white armor, Stormtroopers are the main footsoldiers of the Empire. Their training and equipment allow them to operate in almost any environment.
Album Swamptrooper
Swamptrooper Their green armor conceals special respirators and other equipment that allows these Imperial soldiers to operate in swampy environments.
Album TIE Pilot
TIE Pilot With their signature black suits and breathing gear, Imperial combat pilots are well trained to turn the TIE fighter into a formidable and deadly vessel.
Album Imperial Gunner
Imperial Gunner Peering from under their wide black helmets, Imperial Gunners operate the weapons mounted on Imperial capital ships, military installations, and even the Death Star itself.