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VIPs are Bitizens that appear periodically in the Arrivals level that have a special ability. Each VIP type provides a different special ability. If the player does not wish to use the ability immediately, they may save up to five VIPs in the Arrivals level. A saved VIP may be used at any time by clicking the Arrivals level and selecting the desired VIP. If there is another Bitizen waiting on the Elevator, the VIP will arrive once you have delivered that Bitizen to either its desired level or to an Imperial level.

You can hire a random VIP from the Arrivals level for 4-9 Imperial Bux Bux, depending on how many VIPs you currently have saved. Alternatively you can hire a random VIP from the VIP section of the Store.

VIP TypesEdit

VIP Type Icon Special Ability
Big Spender VIP Big Spender Immediately buys the entirety of one stock item at random on a commercial level.
Celebrity VIP Celebrity Temporarily increases buying activity on a commercial level. Incoming customers will buy up to three items, one of each item sold within the level.
Recruiting Officer VIP Recruiting Officer Immediately fills all empty apartments on a residential level.
Supply Officer VIP Supply Officer Instantly completes a crafting task for Imperial Assignments on Imperial levels for free.
Worker VIP Worker Reduces the time remaining on either building a level or stocking an item by up to three hours.
Level Mover VIP Level Mover Allows you to move any single level for free.
Upgrader VIP Upgrader Instantly upgrades any commercial level by one rank for free.
Imperial Decorator Droid
VIP Decorator Droid

Limited time: 12 Dec 2013 to 6 Jan 2014
Spreads holiday cheer throughout the Death Star.

VIP PricesEdit

The cost to hire a random VIP is based upon how many VIPs you have currently saved on the Arrivals level.

Number of
saved VIPs
Cost to hire
random VIP
0 4 Bux
1 5 Bux
2 6 Bux
3 7 Bux
4 8 Bux
5 9 Bux